Thursday, January 18, 2007

Give change a chance

Our Fair State's seriously in the weeds, financially. We have high property taxes (thanks, Christine!) and a wicked debt load. So, we go and elect ourselves a financial guy as a governor and hope for a change; a real change, a true change, a shot at overhauling the money house of cards we've built for ourselves.

He proposes a change in how schools are run to consolidate and save money; people bitch bitterly that they won't even try it.

He wants to work with unions to negotiate some changes in state worker benefits; people bad-mouth him and criticize his efforts.

He wants to cap property tax increases at 4% (with some exceptions): people complain about how impossible that will be.

I guess everyone expected Corzine would just get to Trenton and pull the excess money that the legislators have been hiding out from under a mattress? Or wave a wand, perhaps?

This is reality, folks- sacrifices will have to be made. This ain't George W., the only moron to cut taxes in the face of a disastrously expensive war; this is someone who has a financial background and realizes money doesn't just fall from the sky and hope is not a sound financial strategy. We voted for him so he would make the tough changes. For chrissakes, let him change something. Maybe some of his proposals won't work, but face it- it ain't working how it is now.

Give change a chance.

(Special to the woman who I heard on the WHYY report on the Washington Township meeting where they screamed about the chance that they might have to consolidate within their county as a pilot program, the woman who said that Home Rule is what made our education system so great- honey, what are you smoking and will you share? Home Rule isn't what made our education system great, but it is what has made it crazy expensive. Wise up.)

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