Friday, January 12, 2007

Face It, It's Over

It's January 12. The twelfth day of Christmas has long since passed.

Even if you don't take them down, please, turn off your holiday lights!

Thank you.


Roe said...

We are leaving our holiday lights on until our son in Iraq is home safely within the next month or two, so DEAL with it. He missed another Christmas, as the saying goes "It can't always be someone else's son/daughter!

Sharon GR said...


Good luck to you and to him. You should leave your lights on as long as you'd like, and hopefully he comes home safe and soon to see them.

Janet said...

Oh man. I planned on writing a whole entire post about this. Maybe I still will, though I always go with the long winded approach. You got right to the point and said it all.:)

Janet said...

As for those who leave their lights on to honor someone it should go without saying, but that's the exception to the rule. Most of the time this is just not the case.