Friday, January 05, 2007

Best Blog

Blue Jersey is holding voting for the Best NJ Blog of 2006. The Center of NJ Life has been nominated and needs your support. This being Our Fair State, the voting requirements will be strictly enforced:

You don't have to live in New Jersey to vote.
We don't care if you live anywhere. Dead people are people, too.
Vote as often as you'd like, or have surrogates pay others to do it for you.
Unless you're not white - we hear the cops are monitoring the vote and arresting people.
We spent all our money on our new high tech voting system that doesn't keep track of the tally, so if you can hack in and rig the vote, you win - and nobody will ever know or care. Plus, we're all out of money, so it's better for everyone if we just pretend the problem doesn't exist.
Shameless self-promotion and mean-spirited mocking of opponents is encouraged and expected. Lawnmowers optional.

Here's my Shameless Self-Promotion! Vote for CoNJL! Last year, the CoNJL garnered an honorable mention, and I'd love to get it again. We need you to vote for us!

As of right this minute, only 34 folks have voted- have you? Go vote!


Janet said...

I didn't even know there was a contest going on. It seems to me that the contestants are a lot more serious than most of the blogs I read. No wonder I didn't know about it. Good luck! I'm rooting for ya!:)

Sharon GR said...

Thanks, Janet. I appreciate it.

I'm well aware that there are other progressive NJ blogs out there that deserve attention more than this (HINT- The Opinion Mill) but it's a real honor to even be on the list.