Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Do they read the papers?

Assembly Republicans came up with a wonderful plan to lower property taxes; have the state pay 30% of them. The Assembly minority leader Alex DeCroce (R-Morris Plains) thinks it will work, "and can be implemented without raising any state taxes or fees. "

Really. He said that.

Someone should show him the $4billion deficit, and ask him again. (Ask him what color is the sky in his world, too.)

In other news, Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Forrester released his plan to lower property taxes. You're not going to believe this- it's the same as the as the Assembly Republican plan. Republican candidate Bob Schroeder's campaign manager pointed out that it's a shame Forrester had to wait for the Assemblymen to come up with a property tax plan for him. My favorite line in the article is the dismissal by Democrat Bonnie Watson Coleman (Ewing), noting its "short shelf life designed only for the campaign." (She's the chair of the appropriations committee, on the budget and joint budget oversight committes. I think she knows a gimmick when she sees one.)

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Andrew said...

DeCroce's sky is not any one color, but rather a shimmering kaleidoscope many hues. This is because he is on drugs.

The article also points out that "He said it can also be implemented without questionable spending cuts." So the state will pay 30% of everyone's property taxes without raising taxes or cutting spending.

"The Republicans conceded the plan, if it's to check property taxes, relies largely on controlling local government spending, which drives property taxes." You think?!

Of course it does. If the state eats 30% of property taxes, there is less of an incentive to local governments to lower them. But I'm sure the "audit teams and promoting shared services" plans will take care of that.

Of course, this can still get more republicans elected. 30% was Christie's lucky number.