Friday, April 15, 2005

Debate debate

The Election Law Enforcement Commision in our fair state has decided to let Doug Forrester take part in the two official Republican debates before the primary election. His presence was tenuous because of a nuance of campaign finance law, where he would have had to raise and spend a certain amount of money. He's financed from his own pocket (so far- it's early,) so some members of the ELEC though he shouldn't show.

What silliness this whole thing is. It almost feels contrived to get the publicity. The law compels people to debate if they've raised a certain amount of money, it wasn't designed to keep candidates out. Doug's practically the frontrunner, fans and friends. It's him and Bret Schundler, and several other folks you never heard of nor need to memorize their names. I'm glad the Republicans will get to see the whole show.

Speaking of people whose names you shouldn't bother to memorize, did you know Corzine has rivals for the Democratic nomination? A former PA state rep who lives in Haddon Heights, Frances Tenaglio, and James D. Kelly of Chester who lost a Dem primary for congress a few years back. No word yet on when that debate will be.

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