Monday, September 01, 2008

Wonder what the conservative base thinks of this one

Teen daughter of GOP VP pick is pregnant

The McCain campaign says they knew this before they picked Palin. (And if anyone, anywhere, seriously, can believe that, there's a bridge in Brooklyn on sale that the CoNJL would like to show you.)

Such a well-vetted, carefully thought-out choice, this unknown and unqualified yet female Governor Palin!!


Lee said...

So, this is who we're supposed to elect to be a "heart beat away"... give me a break!! McCain has shown such a lack of competence with this one... I personally don't believe a 17 year old deserves a 'bravo' for keeping a baby, I would respect Sarah Palin more if her unmarried teenage daughter wasn't pregnant!... helllooo!!

Sharon GR said...

I don't mind so much about our (possible, hopefully NOT) vice president having an unwed teen daughter. These things happen, even to politicians.

I also don't care if the president gets a blow job, or the first lady killed someone in a car accident, or the vice president has a gay daughter. Your personal life is your own business, as far as I'm concerned.

What concerns me here is how obviously little the McCain campaign bothered to vet this unquailified pretty face before tapping her. This choice was intended to:
1. Rally the conservatives with an NRA anti-women's rights beauty queen, and
2. Garner support from former Hillary swing-vote supporters, who obviously vote on the vagina content of their candidates.

Her ability to do the job doesn't appear to be part of the question; She has close to none. The mayor of East Windsor, NJ, has more executive experience than this pin-up. Please.

This country does not need another conservative sell-out who panders to voters and rushes headlong into stupid, uninformed choices because his handlers told him it would be a good idea.

Sharon GR said...

lee, thanks for your comment. Trying to form a response, I just wrote the most coherent thing I've put together in a while. I'm going to make it a post.
Thanks for inspiration.