Sunday, September 14, 2008

Toll increases on the Turnpike- better than a doughnut

AP writer Angela Delli Santi has a Q&A with Kris Kolluri, our Transportation Commissioner, about the proposed turnpike toll increases.

Q: You have been using a doughnut analogy to put the proposed increases in perspective?
A: At Dunkin' Donuts, one strawberry doughnut costs $1.06. We're saying if people are willing to pay $1.06 for one doughnut, they should also be willing to pay 50 cents more over 15 years to make sure roads and bridges are safe.

I don't need another doughnut. Neither do you. I do need transportation upgrades like bridge repairs, and we all need the THE tunnel.

Yes, I drive the turnpike- I'd rather go without the doughtnut and drive on safer roads.


um said...

Oh how aggravating. A person can choose to not have donuts, but they still need to get to work every day. Let's head back to the State House for another pig rally, folks, and ask WHERE ARE THE CUTS IN SPENDING? Show us that first for a year or so and then we'll talk increases. ARGH!!!

Sharon GR said...

Um, there have been multiple cuts in spending. To the tune of $2.7 billion. What more do you propose to cut? If you have an actual spending cut to propose, not just pie-in-the-sky randomness, tell him.

You're right, we do need to get to work every day. You can't drive over spending cuts.