Monday, September 15, 2008

Am I registered to vote in nj?

You can find out if you're registered by contacting the Commissioner of Registration for your county. The state has helpfully listed them all here.

"Am I registered to vote in nj" is one of the biggest Google search terms that leads people to The Center of NJ Life. I hope this information helps.


Sharon GR said...

In this busy election season, I get over 100 hits a day on this page alone. But no one ever leaves me a comment!

Please let me know if this post helps you, or if I should include further information. Or, post in the comments some more info to help your fellow residents of Our Fair State find out their registration status!

Thanks for visiting!

thisxyearsxfaith said...

I'm glad this directed me here. I was looking for information on how to find out, after I've sent in my application, to know when I am registered. This helped!

josef said...

i go to school at rutgers, and i changed my address so i can vote while in new brunswick. i'm planning on calling tomorrow so i'll let you know how it goes.... very helpful so far.

Sharon GR said...


The last day to register to vote in Our Fair State is OCTOBER 14TH- You MUST be registered before then in order to vote in this year's election!!!

drcsk said...

Thank you for this site! I was not optimistic on finding any relevant information by simply Googling "Am I registered to vote in New Jersey?" but your site came up and I am hopeful. I filled out the NJ Voter Registration form and sent it in several weeks ago but have had no confirmation that it was received or that I am now registered to vote. Is there some way you know of that I can confirm my registration?


Sharon GR said...


You need to contact your county's Commissioner of Registration directly. The link in the post above should lead you to your county's clerk's office, which should be able to help you.

You can also try here, which is the state's registration public access site. If you set up an account*, you can verify your registration status.

(*no idea why you have to do this, but it's their rule.)

Hope that helps!

-Sharon GR

Victoria said...

Thanks for this website!!! I was able to determine EXACTLY what I wanted...whether I was registered to vote. (and I am!!!! yayyyyy! )

That site that you listed (where you have to sign up to determine your voter status) was heaven sent... I couldn't get a hold of anyone via the telephones!!!

Thanks so much for this site!!!!