Sunday, August 07, 2005

Carnival of Bloggers XII


Welcome to the Center of NJ! I'm so glad you're visiting the central region of Our Fair State. I love good food, so I thought I could show you some of the best restaurants in the area during your tour. That way we'd get a chance to talk and catch up.

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
We simply have to go to the diner, get a cup of coffee, and talk about what's going on around town.

Where is the Remote? Willow Avenue, Hoboken, prepared in the highway style with pedestrian signs, if available.

NJConservative: Representative government, on a bed of Clinton Township Fair Housing.

Tigerhawk: A chef's sampler of Princeton's new offerings, including P.F. Chang's, skateboarding, and digital textbooks.

Mister Snitch!: Our beloved Tillie, served two ways: Asbury and Coney.

Clifton Blogs: Please don't drink and drive.

Dojo Mojo: Jersey City manhole covers, in a surprize presentation, complete with sparklers. Wildwood days, sliced and diced.

Karl's Corner: Blame and sadness, tossed in Camden.

MyNewJersey: Bennys blended with beer pong in Belmar. Served only until Aug. 17th.

Where do you want to go for lunch?
In Trenton we could go to Chambersburg, but I was thinking The Mill Hill. It's right here by the Court House. Since we're here, I wanted to ask you, what did you think of what happened in Our Fair State this week?

The Jersey Shore Real Estate Bubble: Unfinished construction, slowly simmered.

Media In Trouble: The Asbury Park Press editorials, held over the fire.

Poetic Leanings: A different preparation of The Asbury Park Press- on a skewer.

Blanton's and Ashton's: New mud slinging, served fresh daily until the election.

Jersey Writers: A twist on that classic dish, Jaberwocky.

eCache: A slaw of Curtis Bashaw, Sun Bank, former Gov. McGreevey, and the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority.

The Rix Mix: Fresh, hot summer thunderstorms. Scary jolt of electricity on the side.

Dynamobuzz: McGreevey's book, served "honest and revealing." (NOT on the children's menu)

Joe's Journal: A stacked presentation of new condo development, cut-down forest and local opposition, in a petition sauce.

Let's get a quick beer before dinner.
How about Triumph? Oh, it's so hot out. Summer always makes me nostalgic...

Down The Shore: Fresh, young summer romance, served in the classic style.

Sluggo Needs a Nap: Refreshing seltzer combined with sharpened knives.

Parkway Rest Stop: Mr. Clean, prepared in your choice of three ways: mobster, pro wrestler, or model.

Greg Gethard's Amazing Personal Journey: Galagher, with the classic fruit salad on the side. Memories served with lots and lots of champagne.

Dinner is a tough choice.
Palace of Asia? Rat's? Tre Piani? Royal Orchid? All great choices. You decide. We should go somewhere quiet, so we can discuss all this stuff in the national and world news this week.

The Opinion Mill: Allegory, served Sopranos-style.

Jersey Days: A home-town hero, presented with deep sadness.

The Nightfly: Palmiero, on chef's choice of prescription drugs.

Enlighten-New Jersey: Jersey-Fresh Representatives, in a shell of the Small Business Health Fairness Act.

Armies of Liberation: A tangle of Yemeni news (served hopefully without locusts.)

Daily Fry: Powel and Rove, presented by the chef in a fun sauce.

Sloppydawg: Classic racial profiling, served in a new way.

Tami, The One True: Straightforward preparation of the value of life.

Exit Zero: The future for Saudi Arabia, with 9/11 lawsuits removed.

Mamacita: Directions to the Supreme Court, your choice of toppings: left or right.

How about dessert?
I know- let's head over to Princeton. Halo Pub and Thomas Sweets are there, but my new favorite is the Bent Spoon. We didn't get a chance to talk about what's new in your life.

The Art of Getting By: The run-around, served on a bed of weights. Hold the Spanish.

The Bad Hair Blog: A classic Cuban party dish with ill-advised Mexican accents, accompanied by a proper linen napkin.

This Full House: Worry and hate artfully arranged on the Parkway.

Did I Say That Out Loud?: Prosecutor and felon, served side-by-side on the River Line.

The Pink Panther: A rough week, topped with a nice Russian weekend.

Cripes, Suzette!: A mesclun salad lyric mix, dressed in middle aged panic.

Poor Impulse Control: New apartment, presented on a brave sage-green sauce. Blog!: A hash of shock jocks, t-shirt slogan and podcasts, served with mean spirits.

A Planet Where Apes Evolved From Man?!?: Busted foot with a side of bad neighbors.

Big Windbag: Atlantic City, presented on an anniversary, complete with $10 tables and an Xbox360.

Shamrocketship: Award-winning shredded Panda.

If This Is Paradise, I Wish I Had A Lawn-Mower: A new home, presented under cardboard boxes.

KateSpot: Popcorn with lots of freshly happy animals.

Mary's Lame Attempt at Fame: Hot water served after the bar exam.

My Life as a Rabid Blog: An interesting blend of writing and vacuuming.

Gigglechick: A fresh, new web design of a classic dish.

I'd love to grab a cup of coffee before you have to go.
Let's stop at the Slow Down in Hightstown. We can chat about anything else that's come up this week.

Inadmissable Evidence: The future of the Shuttle Program, served with a side of common sense.

Jersey Beat: Preserved CBGB, a very rare treat.

Dossy's Blog: AOL served in a new style.

CobWeb Photoblog: Freshly caught off Sandy Hook.

Gigglechick: A new t-shirt, served with a late-season spoiler alert and some banned stalkers.

Laughing at the Pieces: A variety of summer reading- chef's choice.

Barista of Bloomfield Ave.: New jeans smothered with at least 96 comments. $429-

Professor Kim's News Notes: Bill Cosby and education reform, served without fun sauce.

Jersey Perspective: Conservative pundit, with a very light sprinkling of votes.

Tequila Shots for the Soul: Dreaming, tossed in a light cheating sauce.

Confessions of a Jersey Goddess: Mercury rising, contributing very bright flavors to people.

Extreme Psychosis: 113-year old murders, in a surprisingly modern sauce.

Where is the Remote?: Note from the management- these premesis may be monitored.

I hope you're not too stuffed, but the restaurants here in NJ, like the bloggers, are just the best. Maybe I'll see you next week at the Carnival- it will be at Riehl World View. You can email with the permalinks to the posts you want included. Thanks for coming by!

The Center of NJ Life


Enlighten-NewJersey said...

Great job Sharon!

Sluggo said...

Terrific, Sharon. There's plenty here for whenever I feel peckish all week.

Anonymous said...

very keen! great job!

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Bob said...
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Bob said...

A Concept!
You're an excellent Carnival host.

Anonymous said...

i love the fact that my t-shirt post was linked and then someone else's post denouncing my t-shirt post was linked. funny, he was one of the people i banned from my site the other day.

Anonymous said...

Nicely done.

nightfly said...

Very nice, Sharon. Do I still have time to cook up a plausable excuse not to live up to all youse guys and your excellent examples?

Anonymous said...

Mmmm. I'm stuffed. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic Carnival! I have a lot of reading material for the next couple days!

Jane said...

I have to say, there's really a lot of good bloggers in Jersey. Great job Sharron serving them up.

The Pink Panther said...

Another superb Carnival! Nice job Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm. Carnivally ...
Steven Hart

Janet said...

I love the format. Very original:)

Tata said...

I'll need a digestif, but it sure is worth it.

Thank you, Sharon!

PDC Ryan said...

Great work, thanks :-)

Jack said...

Great Job. I'm flattered that you picked up that post of mine, which I was hoping would get a bigger reaction out of the blogosphere. I look forward to hearing your comments in the future.

- Jersey Perspective

Professor Kim said...

Nice smorgasbord!

The One True Tami said...

Throw my thanks on the buffet table, Sharon!

Anonymous said...

Great job, kiddo....thanks!

Ms. Adams said...

Thank you, Sharon. You did a wonderful job!

Jersey Goddess