Friday, August 08, 2008

New, unnecessary addiction

It's raining on vacation today. Am now on Facebook. Am now addicted to Scramble. If you're not my Facebook friend yet, let me know and I'll add you so I can challenge you to a Scramble game.

I can only see the world in 4x4 grids of letters anymore.

Post more later, must play more Scramble now.


DBK said...

Not on and ain't a gonna be on Facebook.

My new addiction is poker. I am now playing in the free amateur tournament two days a week (takes no more than three hours if you win the whole thing and you get to play 40-80 people, so it is great practice) and have just found the 2-4 Limit poker casino is twenty minutes from my house. 2-4 Limit means blinds of $1-$2 and you can only bet a maximum or minimum of $2 pre and post flop and $4 post turn and river. It's pretty different from no limit and I'm just learning a strategy for it, but I think I could do pretty well at it. It's also very cheap and you can play, if you're any good at all, for hours with no more than a $40 stake.

Sharon GR said...

I'm not surprized. I wish we'd gotten to play while you still lived 'round here.

I played poker exactly once on vacation, called a "bluff" on the first round, and died a quick death.