Monday, February 04, 2008

I wish Hillary would stop calling me!

Three times today so far. I stopped answering; maybe she'll get the hint.


Rob said...

Twice for me for Hillary.

At least I had a real live Obama supporter call and not an automated recording!

Glad when tomorrow is done!


Sharon GR said...

We're up to six or seven for Hillary. I answered a couple- figuring maybe once a person answered, the robocaller would take our number off the list- but it hung up. Maybe it was a glitch.

Maybe it was some other campaign trying to make me annoyed at Hillary. Campaigns have done that in the past, after all.

(Boy, we're cynical here in Jersey.)

Sean said...

Are they calls like the ones that Shaq was making to that guy in the Superbowl ad? " that's why I _never_ eat shrimp..."

Janet said...

I've been getting A LOT more calls lately too. I didn't realize political calls bypassed the do not call list. I should have known better.