Sunday, October 07, 2007

My media-verse, updated

30 Rock is the funniest thing on TV.

Watch the 1st episode of this season. There's a part of that which is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on television. Ever. Including Soap.


Rob S. said...

Which part did you dig? I loved the "$4000 ham napkin."

Rob said...

Never could get into 30 Rock. Was a first season marathon on over the weekend and I tried to watch an episode and I don't know why, but I just did not find it very funny. I never liked Arrested Development either, and Scrubs is "meh" for me too. Maybe I want my comedy more in your face, I don't know, but I still just don't find it that great.


Sharon GR said...

My favorite part: "Tonight, on MILF Island!"

Chris A. said...

I kept missing 30 Rock last season, and finally caught up with it on Netflix recently. Good stuff (although I already missed last week's episode). Live every week like it's Shark Week!

Another worthy series I just caught up with (thanks to Entertainment Weekly and Netflix) is How I Met Your Mother. I had been skeptical about the premise and the fact that it was on CBS... but it's consistently very funny (I'm going through season 2 now, and season 3 is what's currently airing)... and surprisingly risque for an 8:00 show.

Rob S. said...

Kathy & I just started watching HIMYM this season. (I think we tried it when it first came on, and weren't too impressed.) It's a lot of fun.

And Rob, if you didn't like Arrested Development, I can see how you wouldn't like 30 Rock--they're very similar in structure and presentation. But it baffles me just the same.

I mean, MILF Island! The Blue Dude! Dr. Spaceman!

Rob said...

@ Chris A: Risque doesn't seem to matter much anymore for TV - no matter what time. I mean they're running Family Guy in syndication now - and a lot of that is risque. You can see it at like 6:00 PM.


Sharon GR said...

I liked Arrested Development, but I didn't love it- not enough to watch it regularly, even. Maybe on DVD I would get into it more. Scrubs is fun and I enjoy it when we catch it in reruns, but once again, not enough to make time to watch it regularly.

30Rock is the first show since The West Wing-not the last two seasons, mind you, only the others- that I've made a point of watching.

Kevin said...

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