Thursday, October 11, 2007

Just a pinch

My throat is a little bit scratchy, I have a lil' bitty headache, and my arm is sore.

All that is because I got my flu shot yesterday. I'm one of those folks who gets a mini-flu after the shot. For about a day, I feel not quite all right; then it's all better.

I never bothered to get a flu shot until a few years back when I got the flu. If you've ever had the flu, you know it's no simple winter cold- it's seven straight days of lying on the couch wondering if death would be preferable to this. It's taking three Advil to start and noticing that it barely takes the fever down. It's going through several boxes of tissues a day. It's hell. For some, it's even deadly.

It's also preventable. Now, every year, I get the vaccine. It doesn't hurt; it's just a pinch and it helps to prevent a whole lot of agony.

Go get your flu shot. There's supposed to be no shortage this year.


Hilary said...

Just a pinch, with a whopping load of mercury and aluminum injected into your body.
No thanks!

Sharon GR said...

Oh, please.

A "whopping load"? Honey, here's the actual ammounts. Miniscule at best- some with none at all. You'll get more mercury from eating fish at dinner.

Sounds like you've been listening to the crackpots who refuse to vaccinate their kids based on alarmist psuedo-science. Don't believe everything you make up in your head.

Rob S. said...

She can't spare the aluminum, though. She needs it for her hat.

chrisready said...

Sigh...I'm not allowed to get a flu shot because I've had Guillain-Barre Syndrome, even though supposedly the flu shot doesn't cause GBS. (I also can't donate blood because I spent a few days over six months in the UK during the mad cow years. That I don't complain about so much.)

But I urge everyone else (especially the hubster) to get the shot to provide me with herd immunity. I figure, if no one else has the flu, I can't catch it.

--Jeri (logged in as Christian)