Saturday, February 17, 2007

Everyone should back up

The state needs a back up plan if they can't get their act together to provide a paper trail in time:

Though she stopped short of pulling the plug on 10,000 Sequoia AVC Advantage machines, Superior Court Judge Linda Feinberg expressed doubts they will be upgraded by a January 2008 deadline set by the state Legislature. "I can't wait until a month or two before" the deadline, Feinberg said at a hearing in Trenton. "I need to have a game plan in place."
The Legislature has earmarked $21 million to retrofit the Sequoia machines with printers, which voters can use to verify their ballots and election officials can use in the event of a recount. Feinberg, the assignment judge for Mercer County, has been monitoring the state's progress as part of a lawsuit challenging the reliability of the electronic machines.
"My concern, quite frankly, is I'm not sure what's happening with Sequoia -- and they're providing most of the machines" used in New Jersey, Feinberg said.

We should all have a back-up plan. Of course, we should all have a paper trail, too. There ought to be a law...

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