Friday, November 17, 2006

If you won't do it, we'll do it ourselves.

So says Atlantic City about the indoor smoking ban.

The city council in Atlantic City on Wednesday introduced a measure to ban smoking indoors in workplaces, which passed 9-0. Hearings will be held at the council's next two meetings, with a final vote late in December. The law would take effect 30 days after signing, so maybe sometime early next year, AC will be smoke-free.

Atlantic City Asm. Jim Wheelan proposed a bill to repeal the casino loophole in Our Fair State's Indoor Smoking Ban, but it has been languishing in committee since January. The state law does allow cities and towns to adopt their own, tougher limits.

I'm sure the casinos will lobby heavily and mount any possible legal challenge, so they're in for a fight, but the health of the people who work in the hospitality industry is worth it. The casino workers have been treated as a second class for too long. Kudos to the council of Atlantic City for this move.

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Anonymous said...

Making the casinos smoke free is a monumental move. I know non smokers are pissed about all of this change, but personally, I couldnt be happier.:)

Anonymous said...

I play $5 and $10 and $1 machines. However .5c and .1c have many varieties (at $6 to $20 a Pull!!). But sooo many smokers are in those areas that I do not play as much as I want to.

There are many, many others who feel the same way. Therefore, I believe the Casinos can only benefit from the non-smoking. Not only will the workers be better off (which should be their first concern), and they will be happier and will make the envornment more pleasant for everyone (like the T-Shirts say: when mamma ain't happy, nobody is happy!")

Oh yes, and casinos will have folks like myself playing much, much longer and for more money.. gee.. I can't see where they will lose!

No smoke rules!

Anonymous said...

I always hated going into casinos and coming out smelling like an ashtray (or clubs and bars for that matter, one of the main reasons I don't frequent them much); however, if you play poker, most poker rooms in casinos are somke free, so it's not near as bad.