Thursday, November 02, 2006

Better than I could've said it

A friend sent me this story about Bush and martial law. Seems Dear Leader signed a law a couple weeks back that lets him declare a public emergency and activate state National Guard units without having to get the governor's approval or anything; the troops can be used to "supress public disorder."

How did this slide by?

Anyway, while looking the story up, I found a wonderful post by Chris Durang at HuffPo who has a lovely rant about it and Sen. Patrick Leahy's response. Go ahead and read it, he's said it all better than I would've.

"Lord, get rid of the rubber-stamping Congress, would you?"


Janet said...

It's amazing what does and doesn't make the news these days. A lot of people dont realize just how much manipulation there is out there.

Sharon GR said...

You ain't kiddin', Janet. Between this and the elimination of the accountant in Iraq, it's scary to think about what ELSE we don't know.