Sunday, May 21, 2006

Carnival of New Jersey Bloggers LIII

Welcome to the Carnival of the New Jersey Bloggers #53! We're glad you've joined us on this breezy day in the Center of Our Fair State. Let's check out the week's writings...

Our Stories

Truthfully, they're not happier than you are. Picking up and going- the fantasy for some, reality for others. Headin' for the dentist makes us more approachable and knowlegeable of grocery locations. Fabulous dinners, smiling spouses and dashing duds make a happy anniversary. Do you need a new, pricey, space-age washer and dryer? Who won the Caddy- cancer or diabetes? A friend, taken too soon. We're not the only ones wrapping up the week's posts. Sometimes, the code dragons are serious dragons.

New Jersey

Predictablility in PR for the new book. The Schools Construction Corp. isn't in the money yet. Immigration and corruption- sounds like a senate race to me. It's pretty hard to pick the most evil politician in Our Fair State. A discussion of a recent Supreme Court decision.

In the Headlines

Anarchist Robin Hoods are having fun in Hamburg. Who's that searching for sex on the internet? It's time to come home and repair the damage done. Don't expect big changes this November. High Schoolers are able to get the job done where big business didn't. Did he really mean to say- that?

Fun and Beauty

He'll keep trying, but no patent this time, Damon. Beautiful "Pictures" in New Brunswick. Astronomical timepieces and Rainbow's End, but don't wait too long for coffee. Just think about being one hundred years old. Late harvest, and tasty. Beauty, lakeside. Fourteen formulas are cinematic sure-fires. It's all Greek to me, and enjoyable. Mad Libs rush- rounds 13 & 14 and 15 & 16 are happening now. The weather is getting better- now for some summertime music!

Thanks for joining us! At press time, there's no carnival host listed for next week, so I'm not sure where to send the big top and the funhouse. Maybe you'd like to host? Email the carnies and let them know when you can set up the tents on your blog.

Have a great week.


jay lassiter said...

hey sharon and thanks for your efforts.
i have read 1/2 of 'em and will get to the rest at lunch.

Rob S. said...

Thanks for hosting, Sharon!

Liz said...

Thanks, Sharon -- great job!