Monday, February 20, 2006

Headline follow-up

Last Tuesday I posted a bit about a headline that was bothering me in the Times of Trenton: Corzine Plan would hike TTF debt. I was annoyed because Corzine is being blamed for something he hasn't done; he hasn't put forth a plan for the TTF or any budget issue!

Well, in today's Times, a Tom Hester Jr. article corrected that mistatement:
"What the TTF needs is a thoughtful, fiscally responsible, long-term solution," said state Sen. Robert Littell, R-Franklin (Sussex County). "What the governor is proposing is none of those things."
Corzine actually hasn't proposed anything, though he has said he wants to solve the TTF problem before his March budget address.
Today, in Hester's Capital Talk column, he also writes:
Never a group to let facts get in the way of a good story. Americans for Tax Reform blasted Gov. Jon Corzine for breaking a campaign promise not to raise taxes. Firstly, Corzine hasn't raised a tax, though it seems likely. But he also specifically refused numerous times during his campaign to make a no-tax-increase promise. Americans for Tax Reform conveniently ignored that fact.

Sometimes I think "never let the facts get in the way of a good story" is a media mantra these days.

Of course, Corzine may still propose a budget that includes a tax hike and a refinancing of the debt (bad idea!) or both. However, he hasn't yet. I'm glad to see that the Times of Trenton remember that today, especially on page one above the fold.

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