Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Better than I could've said it: Jennifer Beck flip-flops edition

Jay Lassiter on State Senator Jennifer Beck's sudden change of heart regarding Marriage Equality:

New Jersey's new map added Asbury Park and Ocean grove to her district, transforming it overnight into (arguabley) the gayest district in New Jersey.

So, Beck's track record on equality: vote against Gay people when it matters (or when it suits her politically) but now that she wants to represent the gayest district in NJ, a sudden conversion. Go figure.

Ah, a fair weather friend. Just what everyone needs. Here in the former 12th, I say: good riddance, Senator Beck. And good luck to the folks in her new district. You're going to need it.

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jim said...


There are many more "flip-flpps" on Facebook site "Dump State Senator Jennifer Beck."

Lets tell Beck: Get the Beck out of here!!!!