Saturday, April 17, 2010


In a fitting end for National Library Week, an editorial appeared in Friday's Times of Trenton explaining why library funding in Our Fair State is so imperiled and why we need to save it.

Gov. Christie's proposed budget eliminates most of the statewide services that state residents have come to expect from their local libraries. A 74 percent reduction in state funding will eliminate the core services and infrastructure that support a majority of our libraries, including access to the internet, databases and electronic resources; loans and delivery of materials between libraries; and support for summer reading programs for children. And a 50 percent reduction in state aid will affect our libraries' ability to purchase books, computers and audiovisual collections.
Often, the public library is the only center in the community where anyone can go for services such as finding tax forms, resume preparation, homework assistance, literacy programs, recreational reading, research and much more. Libraries serve the youngest children, starting with programs for babies and parents, where children are read to and begin learning and socializing. Programs for children and teens continue as they grow. Our youth find welcoming spaces that offer help with homework, research, their college search, books, and a place to relax in a safe environment. Most libraries offer hours until 9 p.m. on weekdays, as well as weekend service. After school hours, the library serves as a virtual gateway for education and recreation.

Read the whole story here. Then, write to your Assemblyfolk; tell them you support your local library and ask them to oppose the governor's proposed cuts and Assembly Bill A2555, which eliminates minimum libray funding. Please, write to them today!

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