Thursday, March 25, 2010

Libraries are more important than ever

From the AP:

"A third of Americans — about 77 million people — use public library computers to look for jobs, connect with friends, do their homework and improve their lives, according to a new study released today.
It confirms what public libraries have been saying as they compete for public dollars to expand their services and high-speed Internet access: library use by the general public is widespread..."

An ever higher percentage of people living below the povertly line depend on their public libraries for their computers.

Your public library isn't just books! or reference services! or free children's programs! or free computer classes! or free/low-cost DVD borrowing! or free CD borrowing! or a community center! or free adult programs! There are computers, too.

Library funding should not be cut. People depend on libraries for so many things; in this economic environment, even more people depend on their local library.

Support Our Fair State's libraries. Please, tell your legislators to STOP the proposed library funding cuts.

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