Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Flu shot locator

The American Lung Association provides one here. Type in your zip code and dates when you could go, and there you are! (Specifically for seasonal flu, not H1N1.)


Sharon GR said...

This site appears to be down. I haven't been able to find a suitable alternative which gives any information. Methinks there is a shortage of seasonal vaccine right now- but the kids' pediatrician just got the H1N1 vaccine. Maybe try calling your doctor?

Also, several of the big drugstore chains have flu shots, when they're available. You could try CVS, Wallgreens or Eckerd to see if the local one has any flu vaccine left.

Suzan Brown said...

Finally, a blog that isn't trying to sell me something! From my personal experiences as a physician, I've learned that flu shots are very important for all people, especially the elderly and young children. What a neat device. :)