Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fleecing of Hamilton and NJ: And the headline read...

Hamilton Stuck With Land

Does this surprise anyone? Anyone??

The state Supreme Court has decided it will not weigh in on Hamilton's agreement to buy Klockner Woods.
The court's action ends the appeal process by the township and a legal battle over one of the most politically contentious issues to grip the township in recent memory.
The high court's denial of a township petition on Friday effectively enforces a lower court decision ordering Hamilton to pony up the roughly $4.5 million it owes a developer for 51 wooded acres off Klockner Avenue.

The total comes to nearly $5 mil, when all is said and done. $4.1 purchase, nearly $800,000 in interest and another $30,000 in legal fees. Now, Hamilton has to face the music and come up with the money:

Mayor John Bencivengo did not rule out any scenario yesterday, including
selling the 51 wooded acres off Klockner Avenue or renewing applications for
grants or loans contingent on the land's preservation.
But regardless of what route Hamilton takes, it appears that property
owners in the township will be footing at least part of the bill.

The rest of it, non-Hamiltonians, may be paid by low-interest state loans and a grant from Mercer county- hence, why we were ALL fleeced on this ludicrous land deal.

However, the Hamilton taxpayers will be feeling it the most, and for a long time. For the sake of their wallets, I'm sorry this fight had to end like it did. For the sake of sanity, I bet everyone's damn glad it is finally ended.


Rob said...

Unfortunately, there are still people who want to CONTINUE to fight it. Just look at the Hamilton forum.

We need to leave this one behind and move on. We need to leave a LOT of things behind in Hamilton, but the haters continue with the negetvity towards Gilmore. (sigh)


Sharon GR said...

The image that Gilmore did this all on his own is ridiculous- which is why the silly suit about the council not approving the money failed. The property was condemned and money set aside elsewhere. The council didn't wake up one morning and find out that Gilmore hijacked millions, even though that's the picture the current council wants us to have.

Biencivengo needs to stop being "the anti-Gilmore" and start leading the town. I agree compeltely that it's time to move on.