Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Solar fun

Two solar tidbits:

1. I love this season! Not just watching the earth renew and burst forth in bloom, but also that I'm banking kW hours all the time. My last bill, I had 68 banked; this bill it will be more. What that means is, the panels are producing more electricity than I use, so I have credit against the times when I use more than I produce- like the hot, humid high summer.

2. The Whole Earth Center in Princeton opened its addition recently, sporting not just tons of reused and recycled materials but a new set of solar panels! Very cool.

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Tata said...

Hello dahhhhhhlink,

I've just scoped your blog for changes to New Jersey solar policies and rebates and taxes. It's all very confusing to me. Is there a source you use to understand current rules? Is there still a waiting period for installation or do I misunderstand?