Saturday, March 29, 2008

Only the Shadow knows

We've been talking about getting our Darkman a friend for a long time now. We finally took the plunge on the Thursday before Easter and adopted a new dog! She's lovely, she's friendly, she's energetic. Within forty-five minutes of being in the house, she tried to kill one of our cats.

Needless to say, she's someone else's dog now. The adoption agency did "cat-test" her, but I expect that she was distracted with something else in the room and paid no attention to the cat. She paid a lot of attention to our cats, however, and a dog can't be trained out of that kind of behavior. I brought her back to the agency first thing the next morning.

However, we had met another dog at the adoption agency who does get along with all my pets, so I brought her home with me. Shadow raced for a season, poorly, and was retired quite young. She's shy and nervous right now. She suffered a broken bone in her ankle and is recovering, but limps on that leg a little bit.

Darkman seems happy with his new sister, although he wants her to play with him more. That will come in time as she heals up and gets comfortable with all of us.

The cats sure seem happier.

Darkman and The Shadow


Fausta said...

Love the dogs!
Are you coming to the blogfest in Princeton next Saturday, Sharon?

Bob said...


Rob S. said...

aww..great picture.

The One True Tami said...

Wow, that *is* a really great picture. Way better than my stove.

I'm moving in with a friend who has a chihuahua. If she tries to kill one of my cats she's in trouble, because the small one is twice her size.

Anonymous said...

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