Monday, November 05, 2007

Democracy Inaction

Low voter turnout is expected in tomorrow's election...

Interest will be low, because there are not national or statewide offices up for election. Instead, each voter gets a chance to decide on state Senate and Assembly races in one of 40 legislative districts.
Although four ballot questions are being asked statewide, only one, on stem cell research, has generated much interest.
Also at stake is control of the Legislature. Democrats now control both houses, with a 22-18 edge in the Senate, and a 50-30 advantage in the Assembly.
State officials will not issue a prediction on turnout. Party officials don't think it will be much different from 2003 -- the last time the state Legislature was the top of the ticket -- when only 34 percent of registered voters cast ballots.

...everywhere except here in the 12th.
Turnout is expected to be better than average in a few of the 40 legislative districts, notably the 12th, where Democratic state Sen. Ellen Karcher and GOP Assemblywoman Jennifer Beck are spending more money than any other race this year for the Senate seat.
Beck said her "door-to-door, grass roots efforts" should inspire voting, but acknowledged it's a tough sell.
"People tend to follow national politics a bit more than they follow state politics," she said. Karcher said voters around the state may be repelled because of recent
criminal cases.
"People think that with corruption, their vote doesn't count," she said. "If people believe we're doing it for their interests ... they will invest in understanding what the races are about and getting to the polls."

On this, as with most things, Ellen Karcher is right. I believe there are some politicians who are working in my interest as well as some very serious ballot questions, and I plan to get myself to the polls tomorrow.

34% is pathetic. We can only hope that prediction is what turns out to be low.

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