Sunday, September 16, 2007

I would look awesome as an anime monkey

I was bartending at a catered function recently, when two young-teenage girls came up to me and handed me this drawing. "We thing you would look awesome as this animal," said the artist.
"Thank you, I think." I said, then thanked them profusely for the drawing, telling them how good it is.
Later in the evening, when we were cleaning up, I discovered that a coworker of mine had also been presented with a drawing in the same way- hers looked like an anime giraffe.
That was proof positive to me that the girls were right about this being a cool animal for me to be, because my tall, thin coworker really did resemble an anime giraffe.


The One True Tami said...

Whoa. I would have made you girlier, but you totally would look awesome as an anime monkey.

Dean said...

My two cents: I don't see you in that picture much, but I agree with Tami.