Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good luck Springfield!

Springfield NJ wants to host a premiere of the new Simpsons movie:

The Springfield that cartoon characters Homer and Marge Simpson call home bears little resemblance to the Springfield nestled between the Rahway River and the Watchung Mountains -- or the more than 70 other Springfields scattered across the country.
But one of the nation's Springfields will host the première of the first "Simpsons" movie July 26, and residents of the Union County community hope it is theirs.
Cameras were rolling yesterday in front of Town Hall for the final scenes of a video that, if picked, will clinch the honor. Fourteen Springfields are known to be in the running (New Jersey's other Springfield, in Burlington County, did not enter), with each community required to create a three- to five-minute video showing its "Simpsons spirit."
As she prepped residents yesterday for a scene in which they would be the crowd at a rock concert, (producer Robin) Cornelison exhorted, "Tell your friends, tell your friends' friends, tell your friends' friends' friends, to vote for Springfield, New Jersey."

Good Luck!


Axel said...

Hey, thanks for the mention. I directed the short and we had a great time. You can vote at very soon. Send me an e-mail and I'll tell you when the videos are live.

Sharon GR said...

Billy, please let me know! x2samgr2 at I can't get your email addreww through your profile.

Sharon GR said...

or addreSS. Or spell. Or type on my husband's laptop computer keyboard, it seems.