Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bless him for he has sinned

He said what?

A pastor delivering the invocation at the opening of yesterday's Senate session included in his prayer a condemnation of gay marriage.
"We curse the spirit that would come to bring about same-sex marriage," the Rev. Vincent Fields, pastor of Greater Works Ministries in Absecon, prayed as lawmakers
istened, heads bowed. "We ask you to just look over this place today, cause them to be shaken in their very heart in uprightness, Lord, to do that is right before you."
Sen. Loretta Weinberg (D-Bergen), a co-sponsor of that bill, said it was "completely inappropriate" for Fields to include the issue in the invocation.
"I do not think a pastor should be using the microphone in the Senate for a prayer to open the session by lobbying for or against something," Weinberg said. "Usually, if you're going to lobby members you have to wear a lobbyist badge."

Well, you may try to curse the spirit that would come to make all people treated equally, but leave me out of it.


Anonymous said...

I think Rev Fields has a right to pray his conscience. Not everyone in New Jersey thinks that civil unions are approved in Heaven, even if the powers that be in NJ gov't feel compelled to push through this controversial legislation.

Sharon GR said...

Anon., you are right. He should pray his concience, and he should work for the issues of social justice that he feels are important.

However, don't curse people when you're leading a group in prayer especially because you know they don't all agree with you. If he's lobbying, then he should put on a badge and lobby, write his representatives, etc. If he's grandstanding to get attention (a most likely scenario) then he should shut up and remember that pride goeth before destruction (Proverbs 16)